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Well exercised pets lead happier, healthier lives, which results in more time and energy for happy owners.

Services & Pricing

Dog Walking

Here are some common prices for basic services offered by Charlie’s Walkers, but we offer many other services to fit your needs. Contact us today for more details or to arrange a free consultation.

45 minute visit
30 minute visit
15 minute visit
Additional dog

Includes a walk, reinforcement of learned commands, freshening water and feeding. Dispensing of any required medications and cleaning of any pet messes found when retrieving the pet.

Doggy Day Care

4 Hours
Additional dog

Includes travel to parks, hiking, dog parks, water breaks and close monitoring. Off leash when appropriate based on the behavior of the individual dog and the safety of the area. Pick up and drop off are included.

Pet Sitting

Overnight Stay at Charlie's Walkers
Additional dog Overnight Stay
In Home Pet Sitting

Overnight Stay at Charlie's Walkers: Includes a fun, safe, comfy place to stay with my own family where they will be supervised 24 hours a day and given the love and attention they desire while creating an environment with as little stress as possible while they are away from their home.

In Home Pet Sitting: Includes one of Charlie’s Walkers staff staying in your home to care for your pet(s), watering plants, and anything that needs upkeep at your home while you are away.

Cat Sitting

Includes feeding, freshening water and scooping litter box. Dispensing of any required medications and cleaning of any pet messes found during our visit. In addition we will water plants, retrieve mail and other home upkeep while you’re away.

* If in need of a different type of service please call us to talk about your needs because we will always be able to work out what is best for you.

** Pet taxi service is included for both pick up and drop off

About Us

Charlie’s Walkers is owned and operated by Christine Freeman, a college educated pet owner with over 20 years of experience. She is the proud owner of a 4 year old Shepherd mix who is always happy to greet dog’s at her home for pet sitting. Of course she is an intense animal lover who treats all of the animals in her care as if she owns them herself. She also believes that each pet owner who uses Charlie’s Walkers services is a close friend who can always rely on her for honest and attentive help.

Charlie’s Walkers staff are CPR/Pet First Aid Certified, Bonded and Insured. Our daily dog walks are tailored to the individual dogs needs and if walked in a group the dogs are carefully screened to ensure that each dog’s health and needs are compatible with the others in the group.

Charlie’s Walkers is committed to providing only the best for your pet and believes in a commitment to excellence in pet care.

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